La Luna

A wonderful venue and professional planning create a truly unforgettable celebration.
The Guard’s Grand Ballroom has hosted numerous wedding events owing to its reputation and versatile space.
It can accommodate large weddings hosting up to 800 guests, as well as cater to smaller, more private gatherings.
The Grand Ballroom can be divided into two halves by a separate sound proof to cater to different weddings.
– Theatre style (450 – 1300)
– Class room (200 – 300)
– Round table (400 – 800)



La Luna Buffet


  • Bakery Corner
    A selection of fresh bread and Butter
  • Salad Corner
    A selection of Fresh vegetables
    Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, Green Pepper
  • Appetizer
    A selection of Lebanese and oriental Mezzah and Pickles
    Homos – Baba Ghanoug – Taboulah – Fattoush – Baladi Salad – Assorted Calamari spiced – Pasta with Turkish salad – Beet Salad – potatoes with Eggs
  • Dressing
    French Dressing – Italian Dressing -Mustard Dressing
  • Main Course
    ‎Chicks stuffed with rice and cinnamon – Beef Fillet‏ with Mushroom sauce – Lasagna with vegetables -‏ fried vegetables with rice – Fried fish‏ – Lionize Potatoes – Gratin Pasta – Kobiba – Sambousek‏ ‏
  • Carven
    ‎Rousted Turkey for 50 persons
  • Dessert Corner
    ‎Black Forest and White Forest Cake‏ –
    ‎Chocolate Mousse – Linzers with cranberry sauce‏ – Apple Tart – Coffee Cake – Strawberry Jelly‏ – Cream caramel – rice with milk‏
    A selection of oriental pastry‏
    ‎Basabousa – Konafa – Remoush – Goulash – Om Ali -‏ Seasonal Fruits‏


  • Bakery Corner
    A selection of fresh European and oriental bread
  • Salad Corner
    German potatoes salad – Tomatoes salad with basil
    Niswaz salad – Beetroot salad with orange – Greek salad – Mexican salad – Chicken salad with pineapple – A selection of lettuce – Carrot – Red cabbage – Red and green pepper – cucumber – Tomatoes
  • Cold Appetizer
    A selection of cold beef
    ‎Tarin fish with shrimps and seafood
    A selection of Dolma – A selection of cheese
  • Dressing
    French dressing – Cocktail Dressing – Mustard Dressing‏ – Olive oil – Basil – Balsamic vinegar‏
  • Lebanese and Oriental Mezzah‏
    Yogurt with cucumber – Homos – Baba Ghanoug – Tabula‏ – Fried Eggplant – Fatoush – Mixed pickles‏
  • Main Course
    Tandouri Chicken – Kofta‏
    ‎Grilled Beef Fillet with Pepper Sauce and Cream‏ – Beef Steaks with Mushroom Sauce‏ – Lasagna with Meat and Vegetables‏ – Fish and Calamari cooked on Chinese Style with rice‏ – Sautee Vegetables – Potato Croquet – Basmati Rice‏ – Tourly Vegetables – Kobiba – Cheese Sambosak‏
  • Carven
    ‎Rousted Turkey for 50 persons
  • Dessert Corner
    ‎Chocolate Tart – Chocolate Mousse
    Sesame Tart – Tramisu – Cream Caramel – Fruit Tart – Melvie Sugar – Eclair chocolate – Strawberry jelly – Black Forest
    A selection of oriental pastry‏
    ‎Konafa – Basbousa – Tulumba – Rice with milk – Om Ali – Fruit salad – Season’s Fruits‏


  • Bakery Corner
    A selection of fresh bread
  • Salad Corner
    A selection of Fresh vegetables
    Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, Green Pepper – Red cabbage – Rocca
  • Appetizer
    A selection of Lebanese , Oriental Mezzah and Pickles‏
    ‎Balsamic Vinegar – Mozzarella Cheese- artichoke -‏ Endive salad with cheese‏
    ‎Beef salad with noodles‏ – Potato salad with Parsley‏ – Grilled Vegetable salad with basil‏
  • Oriental Mezzah
    Homos – Baba Ghanoug – Taboulah – Fattoush
    Baladi Salad – Caesar Salad –
    mixed pickles
  • Dressing
    French Dressing – Italian Dressing – Mustard Dressing
  • Main Course
    ‎Fried fish fillet with pepper sauce
    Bicata chicks with mushrooms
    Grills (kebab-kofta)
    Sautéed vegetables
    Basmati rice with nuts and fried onions
    Rusto Potato with herbs ‏
  • Carven
    ‎Rousted Turkey for 50 persons
    Or Rousted lamb leg of mutton
  • Pasta Corner
    Spaghetti-macaroni- penna
    macaroni Additions
    Mushroom – Olive – Beef Sausages – Parmesan Cheese – Onion -Tomato – Pepper
  • Dessert Corner
    Chocolate cake – Cheese cake –
    Chocolate tart with nuts – Lemon tart – Chocolate mousse – Carcount Bush – Tiramisu Chocolate – Black forest – Fruit tart – Melvie – Strawberry jelly – Brulee Cream – Rice with milk – Custard
    A selection of oriental pastry‏
    ‎‎Zainab fingers – Konafa- Basbousa –
    Tulumba – Golash – Om Ali – Season’s Fruits

La Luna Decor

Package (1)

  • Sweetheart stage by Choice + Stage Plexi
  • Dance Floor Plexi + Cat Walk
  • Center Piece
  • Crystal Ceiling and flowers
  • Video Mixer + Wireless Montage Unit + Crane
  • DJ + Laser
  • Photography + CD + 14 Wedding photos
  • 30×40 Wedding photo with the frame + photo session
  • Guest book + welcome table with decorations
  • Hall Entrance Decorations
  • Golden tables and chairs
  • Damietta wedding procession
  • Fire show+ Smoke
  • LED Screen

La Luna Set Menu

Guard Oriental Set Menu

  • Starter & Salad
    A selection of Lebanese mezzah and salads
    Homos- Baba ghanog- Tehena- Pickles and Fattoush salad
    (Served on the table)
  • Main Hot Dish
    Kebab-Kofta- Marinated grille chicken- Lamb shops
    Served with khalta rice and grilled vegetable
  • Dessert
    A selection of oriental pastries
    Basboussa- baklawa-remoush- tulumba-zalabia

Set Menu International Style

  • Cold Appetizer Platter
    Marinated seafood with smoked salmon served with fresh lettuce
  • Choose Your Main Dishes
    First Choice
    Pan fried beef medallion cooked with mushroom – beef bacon and basmati rice
    Second choice
    Chicken breast on Italian style
    Served with mushroom sauce and vegetable
    Third Choice
    Veal piccata with lemon sauce served with saffron rice
  • Dessert
    Cheese cake
    Sweet cream cheese on a crunchy biscuit

Classic Set Menu

    Calamari, Tuna and Artichoke Slices Marinated with Lemon & Olive Oil
  • Served on Plate
    FILLET Mignon
    Grilled Beef Fillet with pepper sauce
    Served with Mushroom sauce and Vegetables
  • Dessert
    Chocolate Brownie served with chocolate sauce

Sea Food Set Menu

  • Starter
    Salmon- Shrimps With Avocado Tartar
  • First Course
    Lasagna Seafood with tomato sauce
  • Main Hot Course
    Served on plate
    Grilled mixed seafood platter
    Fresh Salmon- Shrimps- calamari- Fish fillet
    Served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables
  • Dessert
    Lemon mousse
    Served with Strawberry